Regional Impact

Case Study: Developing a regional impact framework to communicate, prioritise, and guide community investment and activity


Our university client has a large regional footprint and understands the importance of its role in supporting and advancing the communities it is a part of. Through our consultation with stakeholders we identified that there was significant community engagement activity being undertaken at the local level across the institution. However, in the absence of a broader strategy and approach this activity was not being coordinated or leveraging the collective resources and capacity of the university. This made it difficult for our client to understand and demonstrate the impact of their investment.


Working with our client, we developed an innovative regional impact framework that integrated with the university’s strategic plans and combined community engagement strategy with a practical approach to implementation.


The framework empowered our client by identifying new strategic engagement opportunities, providing clearly defined ways that the university can interact with its communities, and the agility to make fast decisions to leverage collaborative partnerships in rapidly changing environments.

A key focus of this work was making sure it was deliberate, planned and repeatable, and could be easily implemented. The framework was built on a continuous operating cycle of engaging communities to identify real-world challenges, building enduring partnerships that deliver results, and demonstrating and communicating the impact on communities.