Strategy Consulting

Structure, implement, and manage your strategy to continuously improve your organisation

Smarterknowledge strategy consulting helps you to structure your strategic plan in a way that can be implemented, measured, managed and communicated with data and meaningful stories. Data and insights inform a continuous cycle of improvement for your organisation.
Strengthening Identity

Your questions, answered

  • How do we structure strategy so that it can be implemented?
  • How do we embed the monitoring of strategy implementation into business-as-usual?
  • What information is needed to measure and demonstrate the impact of our core business activity?
  • How do we assure that we are on track to deliver against our strategic plan?
  • When and how do we use data and insights to continuously improve our performance and stay on track?
  • How do we translate data and insights info meaningful stories that we regularly share in our communication?

Creating custom methodologies
to embed strategy

We design custom methodologies tailored to your organisation so that strategy can be defined, implemented, and managed. We ensure strategy integrates with your existing business cycle, so that it is truly embedded for the long-term, and not just a report gathering dust on a shelf.

Improving outcomes
and having an impact

Our experience spans government, healthcare, aged care, social services, sporting organisations, not-for-profits, financial institutions, and higher education. The analysis we provide has helped inform how strategy should be defined, documented, communicated, and, most importantly, actively managed and implemented to maximise the chances of achieving it. Read more about our strategy consulting work in our case studies.

Want to know more?

Given the visual nature of our work it’s best demonstrated in person or online. We can show you some different examples and approaches so you can get some ideas about how measurement & advocacy can help your organisation.